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Barbara Speake

"This should be the new 'must have' for crime fiction addicts. All subgenre described with examples. Good analysis of the indie contribution. A book that was waiting to be written. I'm glad Chris Longmuir did it. Great insights based on experience." - Barbara Speake

Robin Richards

"This is a very readable and informative overview of Indie (i.e. independent or self-published) crime fiction. Longmuir set herself the task of reading and reviewing a wide range of Indie crime fiction and organising these in sub-genres such as Cosy Mystery, Historical Crime Fiction and Psychological Crime. Longmuir highlights how there is a wealth of excellent crime fiction being written and independently published. Avid crime fiction readers are always on the look out for new authors to read and this is a great book to help you discover new writers and genres to seek out." - Robin Richards


Neil Sydenham

"Chris Longmuir is herself an experienced crime writer and also has an excellent knowledge of the genre. She therefore speaks with the authority of the practitioner. Independently published fiction is widely reviewed but there have been few attempts to provide a full critical overview. This is why this book is important. Many authors are examined, many books of worth but not always high visibility are evaluated and the critical judgements are pithy, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly recommended as a first-rate introduction to a field which is expanding all the time." - Neil Sydenham


Melanie King

"Everything you always wanted to know about crime fiction but were afraid to ask. Award winning crime novelist, Chris Longmuir, delves into the murky depths of crime fiction from the lighter cozy crime to the gritty police procedural or thriller. A thoroughly researched non-fiction piece, Chris brings her take on what makes good reading and suggests indie authors whose works who live up to her discerning expectations."- Melanie King


W J S Kirton

"Chris Longmuir has expanded a series of contributions she made to the Edinburgh ebook Festival in 2013 to create a wide-ranging survey of the crime/mystery genre in which you’ll find many excellent writers of whom you may not have heard before. She set out to look at the various genres and sub-genres and, although having necessarily to be selective, still managed to add 61 indie novels to those she’d already read (not to mention her own, award-winning examples). Here, she introduces us to many new names and shares her personal opinions of them all as well as offering us her informed insights into the present state of independent and ebook publishing, all in a conversational style that makes for very easy reading. If you’re looking for a guide around the complexities of crime fiction, this has to be on your shelf." - W J S Kirton


Amazon Customer

"This exploration of the crime genre in its many manifestations by Chris Longmuir has the added bonus of being right up to date. There are a number of books exploring this genre, but most of them ignore or at best obliquely mention the rise of the Indie writer and the way in which this contribution to crime literature has exploded recently. Chris Longmuir analyses in some depth the various subgenres, including the historical crime novel, the humorous crime novel, the hard-boiled crime novel and romantic suspense, to name but a few. This focus on the variety and scope of crime novels now being written is discussed within the context of crime fiction in general and the section devoted to the development of this genre and the 'Golden Age' authors provides a succinct reference point for more recent novels. This is most certainly a welcome addition to the literature currently available on the genre of crime fiction, written in a most accessible way." - Amazon customer


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